Zinc Citrate Market – Growth Opportunities and Forecast up to 2020

Press Release
Zinc citrate is a stable, odorless, light colored crystalline powder with low solubility. Zinc citrate is primarily used as a source of zinc for various medical and dental applications. Zinc citrate is produced by neutralization reaction of citric acid with pure zinc followed by precipitation and dehydration. Citric acid is a colorless crystalline compound extracted from various bio sources including limes, lemons, etc. Zinc citrate is produced as dehydrate or trihydrate as per the end user application.
Zinc is among the most essential mineral required for proper functioning of nervous system and immune system and is present in nearly all cells in human body. Zinc citrate is primarily used as a source of zinc in various healthcare applications. Zinc citrate is used in several dental applications such as toothpaste, chewing gums and mouth washes among others. In pharmaceutical industry, zinc citrate is used for varied applications including improving immune system, curing common cold and respiratory disorders among several other applications. Pharmaceutical is the largest application segment for zinc citrate and the trend is anticipated to continue during the forecast period
Deficiency of zinc leads to several issues including skin infections, respiratory disorders, delay in wound healing and various dental issues among several others. Therefore, high growth in pharmaceutical industry is a major factor fuelling growth for zinc citrate market.
Moreover, increasing demand for mouthwash, chewing gums and other dental application is also anticipated to be among major growth driver for zinc citrate market during the forecast period. Food is among a major end user industry for zinc citrate. Therefore, increasing population and growth in disposable income of a region are among major growth drivers for zinc citrate demand. Increasing threat from substitution from other zinc sources such as zinc gluconate is a major factor restraining growth for zinc citrate market. Increasing research and development activities to increase the application scope of zinc citrate is expected to offer huge growth opportunity in the market.
Asia Pacific dominates the global demand for zinc citrate and the trend is anticipated to continue for a foreseeable future. China followed by India, are the largest nations across the globe in terms of population, moreover increasing disposable income of people in the region has led to growth in several end user industries including pharmaceutical and food among others. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region for zinc citrate demand during the forecast period.
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North America is the second largest market for zinc citrate followed by Europe. Demand for zinc citrate in North America and Europe is anticipated to grow at a better pace in the near future. Moreover, owing to double digit growth in Asia Pacific, the market share of North America and Europe is expected to foresee slight decline over the next six years. Surge in demand for zinc citrate from various emerging geographic segments in South America and Middle East is anticipated to offer huge growth opportunity for zinc citrate market.
Zinc citrate market is highly fragmented and dominated by regional players that constitute major portion of the global market share. The industry is characterized by high degree of competition and players compete by price differentiation. Major players in the zinc citrate market include Noah Technologies Corporation, Advanced Compounds International, Jost Chemical Co., Kronox Lab Sciences Pvt. Ltd, Continental Chemical USA and KIC