Wearable AI Market – Rising adoption of VR/AR based head-mounted device in several verticals is propelling growth of the global market in the near future

An increase demand for wearable AI is projected to witness significant growth during the course of forecast period from 2018 to 2026. The growing partnership and collaboration for bringing AI functionalities to wearable devices providing new developments of AI wearable devices in coming years. For Instance, Indian based startup company boltt collaborated with Garmin which is one of the leading company for Wearable technology, the two company merges to produce new wearable products. In addition, the AI enable shoes can merge with the Google map to direct the exact direction. As these technology helps the consumers to get the notification through vibration in shoe while walking or running and also direct the exact direction while informing the consumer where to take turn.

The report offers comprehensive overview of the global wearable AI market over the forecast period. Along with this the segmental and regional analysis of this market is also provided in the research report. The study offers the key drivers and restraints impacting growth of this market in coming years.

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The wearable AI market is likely to witness significant growth owing to rising demand for smart watches with the high quality and larger display. The increasing awareness among the customers regarding the benefits associated with the OLED technology with better angle and excellent contrast is one of the key factors stimulating growth of OLED display and this in turn boosted growth of AI enable wearable device market. Furthermore, the rising adoption of VR/AR based head-mounted device in several verticals is propelling growth of the global wearable AI market in the near future.

The collaboration between the companies will increase development of new products with AI integrated and smart devices to the customers. Further, all these AI enable device will bring significant change in wearable fitness accessories. This in turn support growth of the global wearable AI market in the foreseeable future.

From a geographical point of view, APAC is likely to dominate the global wearable AI market owing to increasing disposable income in coming years. Especially in APAC region in China and India where consumers are preferring to buy AI integrated products such as smart watches and now smart shoes due to rising concern for proper health. It has also been noticed that the region with higher income has higher scope to buy AI enabled products. Moreover, an increase in yearly income of the population is another aspect positively supporting growth of the AI wearable products in near future.

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This section of the report provides key players operating in the global wearable AI market in the coming years. Some of the players functioning in the wearable AI market are Fitbit (US), Samsung (South Korea), Microsoft (US), Amazon (US), and Apple (US). The manufacturers are collaborating with each other in order to produce new product to boost growth of the global Wearable AI market. The key players are also focusing on the emerging economies for their investment pocket in order to expand their geographical outreach across the globe.