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Warming Concerns Brings Cheers to the Particulate Matter Sensor Market

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Particular matter sensor market is expected to register a healthy growth, thanks to growing concerns such as global warming and increased awareness about air pollution. Particulate matter, also known as particle pollution or PM are a mixture of solid and liquid particles. These are found in the air and some of these particles such as dirt, soot, dust, smoke, etc are visible to the naked eye. However, there are various tiny PMs in the air that are extremely difficult to detect without a specialized equipment like the electron microscope. This acts as a major impetus for growth of the particulate matter sensors market.

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Sourcing Pollution a Major Frontier for the Particulate Matter Sensor Market

Sourcing pollution continues to be a major challenge for public entities around the world. Recently, many legislations aim to introduce some form of penalty for manufacturers who are engaging in mass-pollution. Usual sources of pollution include construction sites, fields, unpaved roads, smokestacks or forest fires. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), today most particulate matter is a result of industrial activity including power plants and automobiles.

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To make matters worse, chemicals found in the atmosphere such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide are a result of complex chemical reactions. The toxicity, hazardous nature of these chemicals and the cumbersome nature of environmental assessments are expected to become a boon for the growth of the particulate matter sensor market.

Growing Awareness about Air Pollution to Drive Growth of the Particulate Matter Sensor Market

PMs embed microscopic solids and liquid droplets which are extremely miniscule in nature. These small particles present a major risk of inhalation and can cause serious damage to bloodstream and lungs. The fine particular matter, which are less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter pose the greatest danger to human lives. EPA has also noted that these particles are responsible for reducing visibility in important venues such as national parks. The growing awareness about air pollution, growing importance of sensor technology, and damage to treasured areas such as national parks are expected to drive growth for the particulate matter sensor market.

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