Rose Floral Water Market | Growth Projections & Advancements with Forecast To 2024

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Global Rose Floral Water Market: Outlook

Over the past couple of decades, there has been rise in the demand for natural and organic cosmetic products. With growing awareness regarding critical applications associated with the consumption and application of natural cosmetic products, the demand for natural and organic cosmetic products is surging year on year. According to the recent stats, the global cosmetic industry is being estimated to be valued at US$ 11.7 Billion by 2023.

Due to the consumer’s rising preference for natural cosmetic products, major shareholding cosmetic products manufacturers are sourcing out ingredients such as the rose floral water for the processing of its final product. The rose floral water is obtained by a process of steaming small volumes of rose buds and petals. The rose floral water is naturally enriched by the traces of rose essential oil.

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Increasing consumer preference for Natural and Organic Products has led to growing demand for Rose Floral Water Market:-

The tenacity of consumers’ preference for a healthier lifestyle has been driving the demand and expectations for natural and organic ingredients both in food as well as cosmetic industries. Some of the key food and cosmetic manufacturers have been endeavored on making maximum utilization of natural and organic cosmetic ingredients during the production of its any of its trademark products. Rose floral water being natural cosmetic ingredient derived from rose essential oil sights large-scale application in the cosmetic industry. Rose floral water is being used as a natural skin toner. Other than that, rose floral water is also being used for the treatment of sensitive, irritated, dry, and oily skin complexions by controlling sebum production, reducing inflammation, and allowing the outer skin barrier to heal and repair itself.

Global Rose Floral Water Market: Key Takeaways

Asia Pacific is expected to be the leading regional market for cosmetics, which accounted a value share of 32.3% in 2016. Some of the Asian countries such as China, Japan, Australia and Singapore have witnessed a surge in per capita expenditure of cosmetic products. As a result, Asia Pacific region is being tagged as one the lucrative regional markets for rose floral water.

Global Rose Floral Water Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the key players operating in the global rose floral water market are MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS, Stenders, Naissance, Nordstorm, Inc., Eco-Beauty Organics, Materia Aromatics, Chons Naturals, DuSenza Inc., and Floracopeia Inc, among others.

Key Trends: Global Rose Floral Water Market

Major shareholding companies have been strategizing on coming up with new innovative products catering to the varying demand of its target customers and eventually extending its product offerings. The companies have been attending several high profile exhibitions for promoting its products and services to the target segments.

Global Mango Butter Market: Key Developments

  • In 2016, Mountain Rose Herbs launched a range of new natural cosmetic ingredients including Rose floral water and educated the consumers about its benefits.
  • In Jan 2018, Mountain Rose Herbs, attended the Organic Growers School Spring Conference and NOLA Herb Gathering to showcase its product catalogs.

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Opportunities for the Rose Floral Water Market Participants

The confluence of a rise in the number of beauty conscious customers and tenacity of consumers inclining towards natural and healthier lifestyle have been paving the way of opportunity for rose floral water producers. The Asia Pacific and European regions are being considered as the dominant regions in the world of cosmetics. Both these regions have witnessed drastic evolution in terms of product offerings over the last couple of decades. Moreover, some of the European countries, e.g., Turkey, are known as large-scale producers of roses. Hence, the culmination of these critical factors paves an excellent opportunity for rose floral water market to gain traction in these regions.