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Pay-TV Market Analysis Of Key Major Players China Telecom, China Unicom, Globe, PLDT, SK Telecom, JTBC, SM Entertainment, PCCW, Viu, True Thailand, HBO, Netflix, iFlix, Foxtel, Telstra

Press Release

Pay-TV Market Trends and Opportunities in Asia-Pacific”, a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of the Pay-TV services market in Asia Pacific (APAC). It delivers quantitative and qualitative insights into the pay-TV market, analyzing key trends and growth drivers in the region.

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Pay-TV penetration in Asia Pacific (APAC) is set to increase through 2022 buoyed by ongoing economic improvement in South and South East Asia as well as by expansion of FTTH/B broadband networks across APAC, increasing the availability of IPTV.

Despite its initial status as a complement to traditional pay-TV service, cord-cutting and cord-shaving trends are pushing pay-TV operators across the region to embrace the OTT world, wether by launching their own OTT platforms or by setting up partnerships with SVoD service providers.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following – 

– Pay-TV market in APAC: This section provides an overview of the performance of keey pay-TV markets in APAC including subscription trends by technology as well as analysis of major regulatory trends impacting APAC pay-TV.
– Competitive Market Trends in APAC: This section looks at three major compeitive trends that are impacting pay-TV players in the region including technology invesment and the impact of OTT.
– Pa-TV revenue evolution in APAC: This section provides a forecast of APAC pay-TV revenue and provides analysis on the dynamics of various pay-TV technology revenues.
– Key findings: it consists of a summary of key findings and growth opportunities for the APAC pay-TV services market.


– Most regulators around the region are looking into how to best regulate OTT video services. Further another concern is around ownership and licensing rules for pay-TV and free to air platforms.
– Regulator and government broadband initiatives paired with operators investments in fiber optic broadband will drive IPTV adoption in the coming years.
– To combat declining margins and increase value to customers, telcos and pay-TV providers are investing in the production of their own content.

Reasons to buy

– Offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of pay-TV servcies in the APAC markets.
– The report investigates pay-TV trends, regualtory context and competitive conditions, looking in particular at the impact of operator investment and OTT threat in the APAC region.
– To study APAC’s most competitive pay-TV markets, in order to inform strategical decision-making.

Major Companies Mentioned:

Telekom Malaysia
China Telecom
China Unicom
SK Telecom
SM Entertainment
True Thailand

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3
Executive Summary 5
Section 1: Asia-Pacific in a Global Context 6
Asia-Pacific’s demographics at a glance 7
Asia-Pacific in a global context 8
Section 2: Pay-TV Market in Asia-Pacific 9
Pay-TV market economic context 10
Pay-TV market performance forecast 11
Pay-TV market in Asia-Pacific 12
Pay-TV market technology breakdown 13
Regulatory context in Asia-Pacific 14
Section 3: Competitive Market Trends in Asia-Pacific 15
Competitive market trends in Asia-Pacific 16
Investment trends in Asia-Pacific 17
OTT threat in Asia-Pacific 18
Content production in Asia-Pacific 19
Section 4: Pay-TV revenue evolution in Asia-Pacific 20
Pay-TV service ARPS evolution in Asia-Pacific 21
Pay-TV service revenue evolution in Asia-Pacific 22
Section 5: Findings and Recommendations 23
Key Findings 24
Appendix 25
Acronyms and Definitions 26
Companies Mentioned 27
About the Authors 28
Related Research 29
Contact Information 30

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