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Online Travel Market in China 2012 : comprehensively analyzing their core competencies

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ORBIS RESEARCH Recently Introduced Qualitative Research Report titled “Global Online Travel Market” this report Describes the comprehensive Overview, SWOT analysis, Insights, Industry Scope, competition landscape and growth opportunities from forecast period. This Research Report include Primary, secondary or History data for studies, scope of the product and Key Players briefings. The Market study is segmented by key regions which are accelerating the marketization and Product Types, Size, Status, Sales, Current or Upcoming Trend, Future Opportunities by Application, Regional Demand, Challenges and Forecast Scenario.

With the world\’s largest internet user base of over 450 mn, the online travel market is set to gain immense popularity within the local tourist community.

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The report begins with the market overview section, providing a snapshot of online travel market in Asia, which is expected to be the most important driver affecting the overall Asian travel market in 2012. This is followed by the online travel market in China, with details on the domestic online travel market size in terms of online travel market value and its growth. China\’s online travel market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 35.2% annually up to 2012. It also mentions the size of the online travel booking consumer base and its growth over past few years. The share of population indulging in different types of online travel booking services has been included in this section. Further, the report provides an illustration of the online travel industry business model wherein it depicts the structure of the market, followed by the description of various kinds of services offered by the online travel industry and the corresponding players. Another detailed illustration about the commission charged by the players operating in the online travel market has been included.

Factors driving the growth of online travel market in China are also explained in detail. Increasing internet usage coupled with growth in mobile internet subscribers is providing impetus to the growth in online travel market. China has the world\’s largest internet user base, representing 23% of the global online population. Mobile internet users have been growing at a CAGR of 45%. Rising middle class and increasing income will lead to increasing demand for online travel booking services. Rise in credit card holders will allow online travel agencies (OTAs) to increase their customer base. Credit card holders have grown at a CAGR of 24%. Growth in tourism along with reduced visa restrictions on Chinese Travelers provides growth prospects for the market. Outbound tourists are expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.9% up to 2012. Changing consumer lifestyle and untapped market potential provide opportunities for the players to capitalize upon.

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The players operating in the market also face challenges which are impeding their development and growth prospects. Increasing competition and lack of automation have been identified as major challenges, threatening the position of existing market leaders. Regulation on foreign-invested travel agency restricts the entry of the foreign players in the domestic online travel industry.

The report also mentions the government regulations adopted for supporting the sustainable development of the overall online travel industry. It provides a detailed illustration of the new travel agency regulations benefiting the foreign players alongwith key penalties charged for misconduct by the OTAs.

Emerging trends in the online travel market include widening service offerings by the players, coordination with online communities and growing investments for facilitating the overall functioning and development of the market.
Mergers and acquisitions section covers the key deals taken place in the online travel space of China. This section includes the announced date, closing date, target, buyer/investor, seller and deal size.

The competition section outlays the competitive landscape of the online travel industry in China briefing about the domestic and foreign players existing in the market. This section provides a three dimensional analysis of domestic key players\’ revenues, profits and market capitalization. The report also features brief profiles of major domestic and foreign players in the market and a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance along with the key financial ratios, business highlights and their product portfolio providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario.

Some of the key statistics or factors impacting the online travel market in China covered in the report includes factors impacting the Asian travel industry, domestic market size, online travel booking consumer base, online travel booking activities, online travel market structure, online travel business model and commission charged, internet population and penetration, share of internet users indulged in online travel booking, mobile internet users, share of mobile internet users accessing online travel booking services, share of Chinese urban households, Share of preferred leisure activities, urban consumer spending, urban disposable income, Share of total spending including basic and discretionary, growth in credit card holders, consumer credit card spending, rise in outbound tourism and inbound tourism, government regulatory framework, services offered, tie up with online communities and investments in the online travel market.

Key takeaway section summarizes the entire market in terms of opportunities, trends and challenges persisting in the online travel market in China.

Table of Contents
Page 1: Executive Summary

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Market Overview
Page 2: Online Travel Market – Asia Market Overview, Impact on the Asia Travel Industry (2012), Domestic Market Overview, Online Travel Market Size and Growth (2009-2012e)
Page 3: Online Travel Market – Domestic Market Overview, Online Travel Booking – User Base (2009-Jun 2011), Online Travel Booking Activities (2010)
Page 4: Online Travel Industry Framework
Page 5: Business Models and Commission Charged

Drivers & Challenges
Page 6: Summary
Page 7-8: Increasing Internet Usage
Page 9: Rising Middle Class and Increasing Income
Page 10: Rise in Number of Credit Card Holders
Page 11: Growth in Tourism
Page 12: Reduced Visa Restrictions on Chinese Travelers
Page 13: Changing Consumer Lifestyles and Untapped Market Potential
Page 14: Increasing Competition and Lack of Automation
Page 15: Regulations on Foreign-Invested Travel Agency

Government Initiatives
Page 16: New Travel Agency Regulations

Page 17: Trends Summary
Page 18: Players are widening their Services Offerings
Page 19: Players are Coordinating with Online Communities
Page 20: Growing Investments
Mergers & Acquisitions
Page 21-22: Mergers & Acquisitions

Page 23-24: Domestic Public Companies – Summary

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