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North America to Influence the Global Residential Air Purifier Market through 2018-2024

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The global Residential Air Purifier Market was dominated by the North America region over the historic period of 2015-16. Global residential air purifier market is basically driven as increase in the import and export of perishable commodities as dairy, flowers, medicine, meat products, changing consumption pattern of people globally, and preservation of many temperature sensitive products during transportation, rapid growth of organized retail and online store globally are the main factors for the growth of residential air purifier market

In Asia, China and India would continue to be the fastest growing markets of residential air purifier. Due to increasing developmental activities around these region, increasing manufacturing, processing, transporting and many other activities are degrading the air quality of this region. Hence, this region would demand more solutions related to air purification. According to the report the global residential air purifiers industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% over the forecast period of 2018-2024.

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Increasing Pollution in Developing Countries

Developing countries are not implementing environmental protection rule in real sprit, for this there is continuous rise in the pollution in these countries. Due to less environmental rules and regulations many MNCs companies are starting their businesses, manufacturing units here, and degrading the environment. Due to this, there is steep rise in the air-related problems among peoples.  Hence, there is high demand of air purifiers in these countries.

Psychological Fear and Social Influence on Potential Customers

Customers have tendency to generalize the same problem to common factors every time. But, every time the same common factors are not responsible for the particular problem. Increasing influence of advertisement through various sources is creating a psychological fear about the adverse influence of non-purified air on health, among consumers and they are purchasing solution for this problem trough air purifier.

Till now, air purifier is a privileged item in many countries as water purifier was ten years before, and many people who want to affiliate themselves to those privileged group are purchasing these for that purpose.

Growing Awareness among People about Air Pollution Related Problem

Now, consumers are exposed to many source of advertising media, and getting idea related to adverse impact of air pollution on human health that it is main factor responsible for wheezing, sneezing, cough, asthma, and various other illness including heart attack and lung cancer. Thus, it is important to not just purify the indoor air, but also to avoid the pollutants from entering and keeping the home’s and office’s or work place’s environment clean and pure. Hence, there is growing demand of air purifier from these consumers

The Leading companies in the residential air purifier industry are Daikin Industries, Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Honeywell International, Inc., LG Electronics Inc., Camfil AB, Whirlpool Corporation, AllerAir Industries, Inc., Blueair AB, Panasonic Corporation,and Beijing Yadu Environmental Protection Technology.

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