Lutein Esters Market Qualitative Analysis Reveals Explosive Growth by 2028

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Lutein esters are a form of lutein which have one or more than one chain of fatty acids. It is attached through the end hydroxyl groups of free Lutein. Lutein esters are found in fruits and vegetables, for instance, lutein esters are present in orange, mango, chili, pepper, papaya, and others. Lutein esters are one of the important ingredients for the human body as the body does not produce Lutein and its intake is from dietary sources. In the global market, the application of lutein esters is in dried foods, fermentative foods, nutritional beverages, functional food products and others.

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Increasing incidence of health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, skin problems related to eyesight such as cataract and glaucoma is prompting medical practitioners, health care professionals, dieticians and others to create awareness regarding the benefits of lutein esters. Lutein esters play a significant role in eye health, owing to these the demand for lutein esters is increasing among manufacturers of functional food and beverages so as to meet the demand for consumers seeking products enriched with lutein esters. For instance, it is recommended that one should consume an average of 10 – 12 mg of lutein esters daily. Currently, the demand for lutein esters is increasing in the North America and European market, owing to high demand for functional food and beverages, dietary supplements, and products containing functional ingredients or those that offer any added health benefits.

Opportunities for Market Participants: Lutein Esters Market

In the global lutein esters market, manufacturers have a definitive opportunity to offer lutein esters to functional food and dietary supplement producers. Lutein esters has high demand among these manufacturers as it is easily blended with nutritional supplements, functional food and beverages, and others. In addition, the demand for lutein esters is also increasing among manufacturers of dried food, confectionery, bakery, yogurt drinks, and also lutein esters has application among nutritional drinks such as protein shakes, nutraceutical food, functional food and beverages and others.

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In the global lutein esters market, the demand for lutein esters is increasing at a robust growth rate owing to rising health diseases or it can be stated that increasing consumer awareness towards health-related problems. In the global lutein esters market, the demand for lutein esters is increasing as it is one of the carotenoid enriched with a powerful group of antioxidants, protect against irregular growth of cells resultant degenerative diseases such as cancer, protects skin from harmful damage, and lutein esters also protect human eye as it filters the UV light. In addition, the lutein esters also improves the cell health as it protects against breast cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, and others. As lutein esters belongs to the profile of carotenoid, lutein esters quenches free radicals in the human body.

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Owing to the increasing number of health-conscious population and rising consumer awareness towards health problem, the demand for lutein esters is increasing in the global market. For instance, companies are also offering capsules and tables of lutein esters owing to increasing demand for lutein esters as a preventive care. Lutein esters provides eye health support and protection, protection against cataracts, protection against macular degeneration, support for cardiovascular health, and many others.

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