How You Can Create More Compelling and Effective Flyers for Your Business  

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Creating flyers is a proven method of promoting a business or its products and services. What makes it more viable as a marketing tool is the fact that it’s inexpensive as well. In a busy and crowded marketplace, flyers can be highly effective if you want to tell customers about your shop or its wares, and in conferences, flyers are great for imparting information about your business. But since there are so many flyers passed around in different places, and occasions and competition is fierce, how can you create more compelling and effective flyers for your business? Let’s find out. 

  1. Create a good title or headline

The first step is to make it as memorable and snappy as possible. Make use of unique or provocative words that can impart a strong and powerful message. There are words which have been tried, tested, and proven when it comes to good titles or headlines, and these include terms such as easy, unlock, time-tested, finally, free, discover, how to, proven, and insider, amongst others.

  1. Use the best graphics you can find 

A single large image can convey a lot, and it is often more compelling and effective than a series of small images. If you want something that’s more attention-grabbing, use photos or illustrations that can evoke an emotion or mood, but ensure that it supports your message and overall story. In other words, make it relevant. The image you use can be your central or focal point which can draw in your audience. 

  1. Concentrate on what you can do for your customers 

Think carefully about what separates your products or services from other businesses, and try to incorporate this into your message. Concentrate on what you can do for your customers and what benefits your business can give them. One key is to make use of the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ so you seem like you are speaking personally to your audience. Also, make your text simple, short, and straightforward, and, as mentioned, don’t forget to use compelling words like save, free, new, love, guarantee, and results. If you have paragraphs in your flyer, break it up with bullet points and box them separately as well.

  1. Take advantage of case studies, feedback, and testimonials 

If you can, take advantage of case study samples and feedback and testimonials from your current customers, as recommended by expert printer Stockport firm Harveyboard Print & Digital. Nothing establishes more trust than another customer extolling the virtues of your product or service and what it has done for them, so include a brief testimonial or positive feedback which can draw the reader’s attention.  Customer endorsements can be quite powerful if used properly, especially if it can demonstrate the results the customer has had with the use of your product or service. If possible, include the customers’ first and last name as well as their location and company name. 

  1. Make it organised

As already mentioned, you should separate text into bullet points and boxes, and try to place borders and have areas with different colours. But you don’t need to fill the flyer with graphics and text from top to bottom – don’t forget to include white space so some particular elements can stand out, too. 

Image attributed to Pixabay.com