Hemoglobin Analyzer Market 2018-2028: Top Key Players, Growing Technology, Growth Factors, Industry Trends and Developments

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Hemoglobin Analyzer Market: Overview

The increasing need for testing hemoglobin content in blood at the time of providing various medical treatments to the patents is one of the prime factors driving the hemoglobin analyzer market. The hemoglobin analyzer is used for determining the hemoglobin and hematocrit present in the blood sample. The demand for hemoglobin analyzer is expected to increase over forecast period due to their ability to provide quick and accurate results which helps doctors and healthcare professionals to deliver treatment to the patients. Moreover, increasing awareness about blood testing in areas such as blood banks, malnutrition, and HIV programs is creating a need for using devices such as hemoglobin analyzer. Also, high or low count of hemoglobin in blood reflects the presence of blood disorder in human being due to which the frequent hemoglobin checking is advised by doctors. Such factors are creating increasing demand for hemoglobin analyzer and ultimately fuelling the market growth.

Key Initiatives Adopted by Governments of Various Countries to Prevent Anemia Fueling Market Growth

Due to poor eating habits, changing lifestyle, and other factors such as malnutrition in various countries is affecting the blood hemoglobin level across all age groups. Low or high level of hemoglobin in blood affects the health conditions and results into diseases such as anemia.

  • According to WHO (World Health Organization) 1.62 billion people was found in anemic condition in its survey ‘worldwide prevalence on anemia 1993-2005’. The anemia patient count was 24.8% of total population. Pregnant women and preschool children were on top in the count of anemia patients.

The governments of countries such as Vietnam, India, Venezuela, and others are taking initiative to control the anemia. This factor is fuelling the demand for hemoglobin analyzer and ultimately boosting the market growth.

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Advancements in Hemoglobin Analyzer

With the continuous research and developments, the manufacturers of hemoglobin analyzer are introducing a new products in market. Handheld and automatic hemoglobin analyzer is one of the recent trend in the hemoglobin analyzer market. Also, the advanced hemoglobin analyzer are preferred increasing nowadays as they are delivering results quickly approximately two Seconds or more. Such factors are responsible for increasing demand from hospitals as well as home testing as the physicians can quickly decide next treatment delivery process.

  • For example, EKF, one of the prominent player in hemoglobin analyzer offers ‘DiaSpect Tm Hemoglobin Analyzer’. It is a handheld analyzer and displays results within 2 seconds. This hemoglobin analyzer is portable, lightweight, and performs self-check automatically after each test.

Hence, the availability of such advanced hemoglobin analyzer is expected to accelerate its adoption and drive market growth.

Hemoglobin Analyzer Market: Segmentation

The global hemoglobin analyzer market is segmented on the basis of product type, operating type, and end user.

Segmentation of Hemoglobin Analyzer Market on the Basis of Product Type:

  • Bench-top
  • Handheld

Segmentation of Hemoglobin Analyzer Market on the Basis of Operating Type:

  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

Segmentation of Hemoglobin Analyzer Market on the Basis of End User:

  • Hospital
  • Home
  • Others

Hemoglobin Analyzer Market: Competition Landscape

Key Players

Some of the leading manufacturers of hemoglobin analyzer includes EKF, HemoCue (Radiometer Group), Abbott,  Das, Trinity Biotech, Nova Biomedical, CPC Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd., Aetna Inc., and MiCo BioMed Co., Ltd.. The manufacturers of hemoglobin analyzers are increasing focus on improving their sales channel for increasing revenue generation from the sale of hemoglobin analyzer. Also, these manufacturers are offering the hemoglobin analyzers as per the industrial standards and regulations.

  • For example, EKF is one of the leading manufacturer of diagnostics devices signed an agreement with McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc., a distributor of medical supplies, machines, laboratory supplies, and others. Through this agreement, McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. is selling the hand-held hemoglobin analyzer from EKF to hospitals and physicians in U.S.
  • Also, the product received the clearance from FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) 510(k) and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) waiver in April 2018. This allows the usage of hemoglobin analyzer is POC (Point of Care) medical testing.

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Hemoglobin Analyzer Market: Regional outlook

Considering the demand from region, the North America and Europe are expected to capture the significant market share in terms of demand for hemoglobin analyzer due to the quick adoption of advanced medical solutions such as hemoglobin analyzer in these regions. The APEJ region is expected to register substantial growth in terms of demand for hemoglobin analyzer due to increasing number of patients for anemia, malnutrition, and other dietary deficiency disorders. Also, countries such as India, Vietnam are conducting healthcare awareness programs increasing, such factors are boosting the adoption of hemoglobin analyzer in this region. MEA and Latin America region are also expected to witness increasing demand for hemoglobin analyzer to overcome health challenges and control the blood diseases.