Galla Chinensis Extract Market Future Strategic Planning and Forecast to 2025

Press Release

Galla chinensis extract is used in food and pharmaceutical industries due to its strong antibacterial, antiviral, hepatoprotective, anticancer, antidiarrheal and antioxidant properties. Galla chinensis extract is derived from Rhus chinensis, or the nutgall tree, which is primarily cultivated in mainland China, and is traded regionally and globally. Since, the galla chinensis extract is used in several other industries such as, chemical industries, petrochemical industries, water treatment industries, timber industries and ink industries, the growth and demand for galla chinensis extract has higher correlation with the overall performance of mentioned industries. Apart from this, galla chinensis extract is also used in cosmetic industries for its antioxidant properties. Attributed to its health benefits which include lowering blood pressure, acid regulation, etc., the product has witness increased traction.

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Galla Chinensis Extract Market Regional Outlook:

Galla chinensis has been traditionally used in China as herbal medicines. Galla chinensis extract market is considerably growing more in Asia Pacific region in comparison to other regions. China is the prominent consumer for the product, apart from this it is also the prominent manufacturer of Galla chinensis extract. The market for Galla chinensis extract is slowly expanding to other regions like North America and Europe. A few suppliers and manufactures are strengthening their distribution network to increase market foothold in markets that has high potential and are unorganized.

Galla Chinensis Extract Market Drivers & Opportunities:

Galla chinensis extract has various industrial applications, which is significantly driving the market for Galla chinensis extract. Apart from this recent studies on Galla chinensis extract published in NCBI and other reputed science journals suggests that several traditional medicinal applications and properties of Galla chinensis extract are true and can be used in pharmaceutical industries for drug development for diseases like diarrhea, which is significantly increasing the market growth for Galla chinensis.

Galla chinensis extract market in North America and Europe is fairly unorganized with lots of room for improvement. These are high potential market for Galla chinensis extract, leading to the development for opportunities of gala chinensis manufacturers.

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Galla Chinensis Extract Market Segmentation:

Galla chinensis extract market can be segmented on the basis of application as:

  • Food industry:Galla chinensis extract is used in food industry as preservative and anti-foul ant in the food industry. Cheaper and easier availability of the product as compared to other preservative is improving the market for Galla chinensis. Recently Galla chinensis extract is also being used as health supplement, fueling the market for Galla chinensis extract.
  • Petrochemical engineering:Galla chinensis extract is used in petrochemical engineering as filler and additive.
  • Water treatment industry:Galla chinensis extract is used in water treatment as adsorbent and flocculent.
  • Timber industry:Galla chinensis extract is used in timber industry as surface coating and adhesive.
  • Ink industry:Galla chinensis extract is used in the manufacturing of blue ink and tanned leather.

Galla chinensis extract market can be segmented on the basis of distribution channel as

  • Supermarket
  • Specialty stores
  • Online sales
  • Retail stores