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Future Of Israel Telecommunications Market 2019-2025 Regional Outlook, Strategies, Growth Opportunities, Current and Future Trends

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The Israel Telecommunications report – 8th series provides a complete view of the Israel telecom ecosystem along with trends and growth factors shaping the future of the market.

The future value proposition for telecommunications market in Israel to 2025 is detailed in the report. It also provides imperatives for gaining market share in highly competitive telecom industry. It provides unmatched depth and breadth into drivers, challenges, tariffs, competition, subscriber behaviour, infrastructure, regulatory support and others.
The report presents detailed insights into Israel mobile communication, fixed telephone and fixed broadband markets. Subscriber count and penetration rates are forecast for each of the sub-sectors including cellular, fixed landline and broadband segments from 2005 to 2018 and 2019 to 2025.

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With Long Term Evolution (LTE) rapid expansion and slowdown in 2G and 3G services, the Israel telecom market is evolving rapidly. Embracing mobile connectivity, IoT, cloud services and smartphones has become vital for telecom companies. Operators across the value chain are forced to adapt to these emerging market changes to sustain revenue and profit.

Israel telecommunication market size, revenues, investment and infrastructure data is also included in the research work. In addition, business environment in the country is compared with five peer markets in the region to analyse Israel market prominence on regional front.

Telecom operators in Israel are witnessing wide range of challenges including rapidly changing customer patterns, financial and technological challenges. Identifying the emerging trends and converting them into actionable strategies is vital for sustaining profitability. This report analyses leading telecom companies in Israel across the value chain, SWOT analysis, tariffs and financial profile.

In addition, the report offers detailed forecasts into the country’s demographic factors such as population by age group, gender and region. Macroeconomic factors that form the base drivers for telecom growth and branding & pricing strategies including GDP and disposable income are included.

The research work also includes detailed SWOT analysis of Israel telecommunications market to enable users to identify key trends and hidden opportunities. It identifies emerging and new market trends across segments in the industry.

The study also includes recent telecommunication market developments, mergers, acquisitions and new launches, spectrum availability, tenders and other developments.


Key Findings of Israel Telecommunications market and introduction 2018

Prominent Israel market trends on sales, tariffs, packages, infrastructure, technologies, regulations and companies

Benchmarking with peer markets in the region

SWOT analysis of Israel Telecommunications market presenting key drivers and hidden opportunities

Annual Subscriber count outlook from 2005 to 2025 for-

Mobile services

Fixed landline services

Fixed broadband services

GDP, Population, Inflation, Disposable Income forecasts

Business, SWOT and Financial Profiles of Leading Companies

Recent Industry Developments, 2018

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The report enables clients to

Boost revenues from new and existing customer base

Identify key trends and hidden opportunities

Gain clear understanding of the country telecommunications value chain

Design sustainable and competitive strategies in times of rapid development

Understand paradigm shift in consumer preferences

Compare growth in Israel telecommunications business with its peer markets

Gain insights into the role of legal and regulatory bodies in Israel

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