Energy Management in Data Centers Market Overview On Revolutionary Trends 2025

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Data centers is a facility composed of several networked computers and storage devices that organization uses to organize, store, process and disperse large amounts of data. Any business heavily relies on data for its day-to-day operations. Any companies most critical processes taking place in data centers. A data center consists several devices such as servers, storage subsystems, networking, switches, routers and firewalls. To run these devices efficiently it requires 24*7 uninterrupted power supplies and data center cooling systems such as air conditions.

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A typical enterprise level data center requires energy in megawatts thus creating a significant burden on the world’s energy resources. Due to all these reasons, there is need to manage the energy in the data center to reduce the data center energy footprint. Several companies such as Apple Inc., IBM have come up with innovative techniques to reduce the nonrenewable energy requirements for their data centers. These companies are using renewable energy resources to reduce the data center energy footprint. Companies are collocating their data centers to certain geographical locations that offer natural cooling conditions.

Also, they use solar panels and wind energy for their data center energy requirements. In 2013, Apple Inc. had reached 100% renewable energy across all their data centers. For this, the company is using solar array and wind energy for producing renewable energy. Further, there is an increasing pressure among peer companies to adopt green energy. Data center companies are looking to improve their rack designs for energy management of different equipment’s used in datacenters in such a way, that racks can naturally act as a heat sink and cool down the servers and storage devices placed on these racks.

Increasing demand for storage space, processing power, increased bandwidths and the need for redundancy of data has led to increased use of data centers. Increasing usage of renewable energy across data centers is the key factor for energy management in the data center market. There are also various other factors such as stringent government regulations on carbon footprint can lead to increased adoption on the usage of renewable energy across data centers and development of innovative energy efficient products required in data centers. However, there are certain restraints such as energy efficiency provided by the renewable energy in order to meet energy requirements across data centers and the additional cost for renewable energy equipment’s can hinder the energy management in the data center market.