Digital Process Automation Market | Fastest-Growing Segments of Business Technology Today

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The digital process automation market rides on the back of the constant evolution of business process automation (BPA) in relation to the automation of traditional processes. Rapid automation is being witnessed in business processes such as marketing, sales, production, inventory control, supply chain, IT, and administration. Companies across all industries are realizing the significance of automating business processes for promoting end-to-end customer experience, with an aim to retain customers and acquire more of them. Digital process automation has been witnessing rising use cases in streamlining business processes. Rapid strides made in digital transformation by businesses in various end-use industries will continue to constantly expand the horizon of the market.

Some of the business functions that benefit from digital process automation are sales, supply chain claims, and marketing. Industry verticals that are improving their business processes with the adoption of digital process automation are healthcare, media and entertainment, energy and utility, transport and logistics, telecom, IT, and retail and consumer goods.

The insights and assessments in the report are drawn from gleaning through a wide spectrum of primary and secondary research. The analyses highlights prominent trends and identify areas which will attractive sizeable investments by industry stakeholders, including the policy makers in various regions.

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The rapid pace of digital transformations in business processes focused on customers, suppliers, and partners is opening new windows of opportunity in the digital process automation market. The rising demand for low-code automation platform is likely to bolster the demand in a number of industry verticals. However, lack of technical expertise, coupled with substantial security concerns, is expected to dampen the prospects of the market.

Having said that, over the past few years, artificial and machine learning technologies have made rapid inroads in business processes as an integral entities. This is a key trend in the digital process automation market. The rising use of digital process automation in cost-effectively managing business requirements is bolstering revenues in the market. The growing popularity of cloud-based digital process automation services and solutions has been gathering steam among enterprises. Automation has made rapid strides in the manufacturing industries for various customer-related processes. The advent of robotic process automation has unlocked promising prospects in the market. Used in combination with RPA, digital process automation is expected to transform customer journey experience.