Biomass Pellets Market to receive overwhelming hike in Revenues by 2028

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Market Definition and Introduction

In recent times, there has been an emphasis on the use of eco-friendly, unconventional sources of energy such as biomass, for the promotion of environment friendly fuel consumption, as compared to the conventional forms of fuels such as fossil fuels. Biomass pellets have been playing a major role in contributing to meet the objective. Biomass pellets have been one of the preferred choices among the various types of energy sources of the biomass types. This is so because biomass pellets display a homogeneous size which aids the handling and feeding of the biomass pellets to the heating or incineration equipment. Biomass pellets also help reduce storage costs as well as transportation costs, on account of the ability to store them in a compact manner. The quality of biomass pellets produced is a function of the properties of the feedstock. The quality is also dependent on the operative variables of the densification process adopted. However, the quality parameters of biomass pellets could be altered by adjusting the manufacturing process to the raw material used for pelletization. Biomass pellets obtained from a wood derived source such as forestry residues already have successfully established technologies and markets. These are popularly known as wood pellets. The development of commercial pelletization of agricultural biomass though, still holds significant growth opportunities on account of a considerable energy potential. Besides, these types of biomass pellets hold considerable market potential on account of the commonplace harvesting of relevant crops in rural areas.

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Considering the vital applications of biomass pellets across a diverse range of industries, the study of the global biomass pellets market becomes an important read.

Market Segmentation

On the basis of source type, the biomass pellets market is segmented as follows:

  • Industrial waste
  • Food waste
  • Agricultural waste or residue
  • Energy crops
  • Woody plants
  • Other sources

On the basis of end use, the biomass pellets market is segmented as follows:

  • Power generation
  • Industrial heating systems
  • Catering & hotel use
  • Domestic heating systems
  • Animal bedding
  • Water adsorbent use
  • Domestic cooking
  • Other uses

Key Trends, Drivers

The wood based biomass pellets are very commonly used in the North American and European continent since a very long time. In these two regions, biomass pellet energy use has been very popular. As a result, the demand for biomass pellets has been rising very rapidly. There has been a substantial rise in consumption of biomass pellets at a small scale. Furthermore, large scale power plants using biomass pellets as a raw material have been major consumers of biomass pellets across the globe. For domestic heating systems and supply of hot water, biomass pellets are even more popular as a fuel. The favorable trend has also been expanding, as even the hotel & catering industry has also been recently favoring the use of biomass pellets as a fuel.

However, in some geographical locations across the globe, biomass pellets are not commonly used although there has been a widespread production of agricultural & forestry residues. The dispersion of the locations where biomass pellets are available has been an area of concern in terms of making them easily available to end users. In fact, this procurement related information has been of significance for the design and efficient operation of combustion systems which could be made fully compatible to the biomass of each region. Also, managing these residues is also hindered by the costs related to treatments necessary for their proper removal. Pelletizing the residual biomass would translate into conversion of a residue which is difficult to manage. This especially holds valid where the biomass pellets are used as an energy resource for use in areas where forests exists.

Market Participants

Examples of the market participants in the biomass pellets market are as follows:

  • Enviva Partners, LP
  • AbellonCleanEnergy Limited
  • Viridis Energy Inc.
  • Bio-bean Ltd
  • Drax Group plc
  • Westervelt Renewable Energy, LLC
  • International WoodFuels LLC
  • Energex Pellet Fuel, Inc.
  • Forest Energy Corporation
  • New England Wood Pellet

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