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Anti-inflammatory Therapeutics Market By Indication And Drug Class & Corticosteroids

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Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis

Anti-inflammatory Therapeutics Market was worth USD 71.47 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 118.81 billion by 2023, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.81% during the forecast period. Inflammation is a complicated reaction of the body towards damaged cells, pathogens or any external foreign material. It is identified by redness, swelling, pain and now and then loss of capacity of the inflamed part. Inflammation is of two kinds: chronic and acute. The chronic ones are inflammations that last over a longer period of time principally observed in immune system ailments including rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and allergies. Whereas acute inflammations emerge from cut or scrap in the skin or diseases, for example, bronchitis which last for a shorter period and its effects lessen following couple of days. Anti-inflammatory medications are also known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and are therapeutic medications which are utilized to treat pain, lessen swelling and other long term chronic torments related with inflammation.

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Indication Outlook and Trend Analysis

Based on indication the IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) is the leading segment in the market. As indicated by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in the US, it is anticipated that around 1 Mn to1.3 Mn individuals are struck by IBD. In addition, reports from different countries show that the rate of IBD is developing, especially in youth. Presently, the highest yearly frequency of IBD in Europe was 12.7 for each 100,000 person-years for CD (Crohn's Disease) and 24.3 for each 100,000 person-years for UC (Ulcerative Colitis).

Drug Class Outlook and Trend Analysis

Currently, corticosteroids are the biggest drug type on the basis of value and assessed to hold its conspicuousness and biologics to record most elevated twofold digit CAGR all through the estimate time frame. As per WHO the pervasiveness of rheumatoid arthritis varies between 0.3% and 1% which is more common in women.

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Regional Outlook and Trend Analysis

North America has developed as the main portion of the anti-inflammatory therapeutics market. The advent of cutting edge anti-inflammatory therapeutics has energized more prominent acknowledgment of these medications by buyers in North America. With Germany, France, Spain, Spain, UK and Italy being the key contributors, the anti-inflammatory therapeutics market in Europe is likewise anticipated that would prosper. Nonetheless, Asia Pacific is anticipated to rise as the quickest developing regional market, driven by a huge patient pool, expanding disposable earnings, increasing health awareness, and development in the healthcare infrastructure.

Competitive Insights

The major players in the market are AstraZeneca, Merck & Co, Roche Holding AG, AbbVie Inc, Novartis, Pfizer, Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and Company and GlaxoSmithKline. The major players in the market are profiled in detail in view of qualities, for example, company portfolio, business strategies, financial overview, recent developments, and share of the overall industry.

The Anti-inflammatory Therapeutics Market is segmented as follows-

By Indication

Respiratory Diseases
Multiple Sclerosis
Inflammatory/Bowel Disease
Other inflammatory Diseases

By Drug Class

Anti-inflammatory Biologics
Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

By Region

North America



Rest of Europe


South Korea
Southeast Asia
Rest of Asia-Pacific

South America

South Africa
Rest of South America

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA

Some of the key questions answered by the report are:

What was the market size in 2014 and forecast from 2015 to 2023?
What will be the industry market growth from 2015 to 2023?
What are the major drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, and industry trends and their impact on the market forecast?
What are the major segments leading the market growth and why?
Which are the leading players in the market and what are the major strategies adopted by them to sustain the market competition?

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Report Description
1.2. Research Methodology
1.2.1. Secondary Research
1.2.2. Primary Research
2. Executive Summary
2.1. Key Highlights
3. Market Overview
3.1. Introduction
3.1.1. Market Definition
3.1.2. Market Segmentation
3.2. Market Dynamics
3.2.1. Drivers
3.2.2. Restraints
3.2.3. Opportunities
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